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African Heritage Press (AHP) is a Publishing House, with vested interest in quality creative writing on Africa and the Diaspora. Our partnership with African Books Collective (ABC) Oxford, UK, ensures our publications remain a stable in major book markets with industry tested distribution channels across the globe. Through E-Book and E-marketing, no hamlet is left "unserved" with our dish of literary collections. You can place your orders and make purchases through our secure website or email Browse our web pages and let us know what you think about out titles, Email us at,

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ECO-CRITICAL LITERATURE: Regreening African Landscapes

Critically examines the representations, contructions, and imaginings of the relationship between the human and non-human worlds in contemporary African literature and culture. It offers innovative, incisive, and critical perspectives on the importance of sustaining a symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment..

Love Gift Poems

Love Gifts is a love sequence: the poetic rendering of the relationship between the ministrel and his muse over a long period. The poet uses the relationship of the two personages to investigate the human condition; hence the poems deal with dreams, desires, frustrations, hopes, contentment, and seeking meaning in life. The poetic canvas links the two figures to other relationships and happenings of their time in an all-embracing manner..

The Old Man in a State House

The Old Man in a State House and Other Stories is a literary canvas which captures the restless matrix. The corruptive influence of a corrosive oil economy, environmental degradation, wealth and hubris, love, and more. It imaginatively takes the reader on an excursion into the human condition. Tanure Ojaide has published sixteen collections of poetry, a memoir, three novels, two short story collections, and scholarly works. He has won numerous literary prizes and is currently the Frank Porter Graham Professor of Africana Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

African Literature - Gender Discourse, Religious Values, and the African Worldview

This is a seminal work on the criticism of African Literature whose novel theoretical and ideological approaches are bound to compel a re-thinking and re-examination of popular concepts, pedagogies, and research methodologies. Even a scholar with a dissenting view on any aspect of Salami-Boukari’s critical assertions or positions, cannot help but appreciate unreservedly, the enormous originality and resourcefulness evident in the author’s intellectual vibrancy and profundity.

Tigress at Full Moon

These poems are the embodiment of immortal imagination impregnated with the spirit of creativity, they chant us to see the vision and imagine ourselves in it. On the vernacular poems I only wish I could hear and feel the cadences of a language which is so efficient in its structure, according to Michael Echeruo, that some say it was first spoken in Eden. This Tigress roar is a roar to which we should pay close attention.


is the story of a seven-year old boy who is trying to understand the people and the world around him. He is young and sensitive, and afraid of darkness and violence. He is perplexed by mysteries beyond his grasp. He is not only afraid of the unknown, he avoids it in every possible manner. He begins by hiding from things and people that frighten him. When he meets Akufo, a mild-mannered mad woman from a nearby village, his young life is changed forever!

I Want To Dance

I Want to Dance is an individualized metaphor of the Human condition. The collection is a song in three parts. The first section is surreal and mystical; the second part dea...

Shakara dance-hall queen

Shakara dance-hall queen is a gripping drama on the struggle for identity, power and control, engulfing mothers and daughters in a modern city that is sharply split between ...

A Good Shepherd

A Good Shepherd is not simply the chronicle of an outstanding NIgerian Bishop, it is the history of a man with enormous vision, a great religious leader, an activist Bishop ...
Black Gods

Black Gods uses fiction to define and discuss the dilemma of Africa's daughters and sons caught in the belly of the colonial and neocolonial predators. In his usual thought-...

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