The Trial and Other Stories

The Trial and Other Stories
By Ifeoma Okoye

Issued:   2005
Format:   Paperback
ISBN:   09628864-9-1

Price: $15 -

The Trial and Other Stories brings to the fore inherent gender bias and inequality in most traditional societies especially in Africa. It gives voice to widows who often bear the brunt of male dominance as a way to provoke the human conscience to examine the unacceptable plight of widows and to explore viable options of redressing them.

About the author: Ifeoma Okoye is a distinguished intellectual who has spent over two decades teaching in universities across Africa. She has published numerous books and won several awards including the 1999 Commonwealth short story price (African Region). Her Most celebrated works include: Behind The Clouds (Longman UK, 1982), and Men Without Ears (Longman UK, 1984).

The Trial and Other Stories